Zvonimir Perkovic

Web Designer and Front-End Developer from Cleveland, OH

Welcome! This small website is an introduction to my online portfolio. Here you can see my current and the most recent projects. For some of my older projects, or if you wish to follow my progress as a designer please visit my Behance profile. Thanks and enjoy!

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Web Design and Development

Projects I worked on from July 2017 to December 2018

In this section of the website you can find projects where I worked as a Web Designer, UX/UI Designer or Front-End Developer. I picked these projects not exclusevly because they are the best or the biggest ones but because of the impact they had on my career and professional development. Click on the arrows to check them out.


Somewhere between Pinterest and Houzzz, Dream book was designed and developed for the future homeowners.

Dream book is a web application that serves as a tool for interior and exterior design, home improvement and idea generation. Main purpose of the app is to streamline the proccess of house design, through visual project management of your dream home.

My small contribution was UI design and development.

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BCT Security

One of my current CMS development projects. Developing both Umbraco back office and front-end of the site. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, VisualStudio, Razor, Umbraco CMS, Git and others.

Mobile phone with the BCT services homepage billboard

Provider Services

Provider Services proprietary software called Cure is a web applicaiton for managing insurance data, patients and long-term care facilities.

My role in the application update was front-end development, UX/UI design of the new features, and redesign of the current ones. Read the case study here.

Mobile phone with the BCT services homepage billboard


Umbraco upgrade project. Idea was to take the raw HTML files and develop them into the Umbraco modules and templates using Razor, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

We ended up also reorganizing CSS style guide and added new functionalities to the final product.

Mobile phone with the NOTS homepage landing page.


Polychem.com is the first web design, front and back-end developemnt project I worked on, and learned most the most about Umbraco .NET development, back-office structure, data types, templates and all other good stuff.

Project is currently in the phase of populating product database.

Mobile phone with the BCT services homepage billboard


Projects I worked on from December 2016 to March 2017

Even though I'm currently not working as a motion graphics designer I still feel attachement towards the next couple of slides. Here I would like to share animations made as a part of marketing campaign for DayGlo's EZ pigment. Idea was to represent historical continuum from the very beginnings to the cooperation with Reebok. My roles on the project included art direction, illustration and animation.

DayGlo History Chapter 1


Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics

DayGlo History Chapter 2


Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics

DayGlo History Chapter 3


Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics